Web Development 101: Do you need a Web Developer or Designer?

These two roles are often mistaken as one and the same. This article will show you the distinctions between the two.


Several people think that web design and development are the same. These are two different jobs, though they function closely together.


What do website designers do?

Web designers make your web pages look good. They are the creative people who manage all the visual elements for it to communicate well with your brands personality. They manage the following aspects:


  • Website hierarchy
  • Content and layout
  • Compartmentalizing content
  • Photos
  • Branding
  • Colors
  • Developing unique logos
  • Typography
  • Determining fonts, font combinations and font families
  • Color schemes
  • Structure


What do website developers do?

Website developers create the website from scratch. They are the technical people who function behind the scenes. Below are the key areas that they focus on:



  • Website Architecture and Framework

They determine and develop the website’s structure, so the details can be presented in a logical, orderly way.


  • Software and Technology

They identify which software and apps can deliver the most efficient outcome for your web page and business needs. Web developers are continuously learning and testing about the software and technological development.



  • Functionality

Website functionality is all about usability.  However, it is also about good performance.


  • E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce is a complex aspect where usually, user experience directly impacts sales. Web developers ensure that online purchasing will be a smooth, efficient one.



  • Testing and Refinement

Web developers hate surprises. They always accomplish exhaustive tests on each area of your website. All of the pages should work perfectly. Each button click should click cleanly. Your hyperlinks should function fast and well.